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Why Grass-Fed Beef is Good for You

The nutrient content of grass-fed beef is high which makes it one of the best sources of proteins. It has a commendable micronutrient profile, on top of having so much omega-3 fatty acid in it. Some people still think there is not much difference between grass-fed beef and conventional beef. This is not the case, as you shall see from the benefits you get from the grass-fed variety.

For one, you get fewer calories. The primary reason for the lower total fat content in grass-fed beef is the natural and cleaner diet those cows are put on. As much as you shall have to pay more, you cannot argue with the higher quality you shall be getting.

If you need to have a good blood sugar level; then you need to take grass-fed beef. The beef comes packing CLA (conjugated linoleic acid). CLA is what you need when facing obesity and diabetes. When you have CLA in your system, you will have better insulin sensitivity than if this was not the case. This sensitivity is necessary to give you a healthy blood sugar level. Once on a keto diet, you will need this beef, as you are likely also to be insulin resistant. When they are constantly on a low carb high-fat diet, they can have their blood glucose spike, which brings about insulin resistance.

Grass-fed beef comes with a good supply of electrolytes. If you find you are taking a restrictive diet like the keto one, you shall experience an imbalance of electrolytes. Grass fed beef houston comes with plenty of the necessary electrolytes, such as sodium, potassium, and magnesium.

You also, need the grass-fed beef to combat cancer. CLA has anti-cancer properties, and its source happens to be beef. Seeing as grass-fed beef has plenty of it, there is no doubt it shall help with your efforts against cancer.

There are healthy fats you get from the grass-fed beef. You can expect it shall have around six times more omega-3 fatty acids than grain-fed beef. Omega-3 fatty acids shall come with anti-inflammatory properties. They also help you deal with depression. You shall also find yourself more focused after consuming them. You may further read about beefs, go to

There shall also be minimal levels of bacteria in them. This is as opposed to the conventional beef at Conventional beef happens to pack some antibiotic-resistant bacteria such as MRSA. There are even some that contain some super-resistant bacteria. These are what normally leads to food poisoning.

You also lower your chances of getting heart disease when you are on a diet containing grass-fed beef. This can be attributed to the CLA content. The grass-fed beef also comes with antioxidants such as vitamin E, higher omega-3 fatty acids content, less unhealthy fats, and minimal bad cholesterol levels.

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